Dani Allen 

My name is Dani Allen, I run a company dedicated to capturing life. I do not simply take pictures, but rather capture the essence of intense emotion, senses, and the idea of memories to be shared and cherished for years to come.

I take that concept and apply it to both my food photography and Real Beauty: Uncovered.

Why food photography? Since I was a little girl, food has been a big part of my family. I remember watching my great- grandmother in the kitchen for hours preparing dinner. She would say, “I’m cooking in my love” as she would make sure that all of the ingredients were blended together with such care and perfection. Even at 4 years old, I knew that she was creating art and showing us how much she cared. It’s the aroma that still, at times circles around the house when the empanadas are in the oven, that makes me remember her the most.

Keeping it natural and organic is the philosophy to my food photography style. I try to portray the same feeling and senses that my great-grandmother used in her delicious Chilean recipes. Shooting in natural light with minimal distraction to the object I’m photographing is extremely important to me. I hope through my passion, I can inspire others to create their own memories as well.

Everything and Everyone is different and I embrace that difference. In fact, I take pride in paying attention to every detail to ensure your unique personality is captured on film.

Photography, once simply a hobby, became my second career after the birth of my second child. Although primarily self-taught, I have devoted countless hours to absorbing a combination of education & inspiration, tirelessly determined to improve my abilities behind the camera as well as on the computer. I am constantly seeking growth and consider this occupation a creative outlet as well as a life journey.